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How Mixlab Helps Veterinarians Navigate Changing Regulations

Veterinarian regulations are constantly evolving and it has become increasingly difficult to remain up-to-date. As the first modern, full-service pet pharmacy, Mixlab is here to help veterinarians like you navigate these changing regulations.
We not only make it simple to create, order, and receive custom medications otherwise unavailable commercially, but our pharmacists also stay educated on important regulatory changes, all while providing you and your clients with a positive experience. Practices like yours need a trusted full-service resource to help with day-to-day logistics of fulfilling scripts, ensuring adherence to regulations, and driving best practices for treating patients. The result of this collaboration is an efficient and compliant veterinarian and pharmacy team that establishes client trust as we improve the health of pets.

Mixlab Adapts to Changing Vet Regulations

As you work to offer the best possible care to your patients, Mixlab handles the prescription side of the equation. We adapt to and support shifting consumer preferences in our quickly evolving industry. We listen to your concerns and needs regarding veterinarian regulations and work to create a system that adjusts with the requirements of our industry.
When it comes to record keeping, prescription writing and more, we are committed to staying current on new processes and programs. Our team remains knowledgeable on new developments in the industry, such as the state-to-state differences in regulations and the presence of drug shortages.

Simplifying the Rx Processs

As a partner in pet health, it’s our policy that we ensure the drugs and medications kept in your virtual inventory are meeting up-to-date quality and safety standards. In addition to tracking animal drug regulation changes, Mixlab simplifies the Rx process by providing:
  • Free next-day shipping (or same-day in LA and NYC)
  • Inventory management
  • Online platform to prescribe and track
  • Highest quality medications and over 40+ flavor options
  • Ability to auto refill, follow up, track orders, and get refill reminders for clients
  • Customer service and support seven days a week for you and your clients

Pet Compounding and New Regulations

Mixlab is a veterinary compounding pharmacy which allows each pet to receive the medications that best meet their unique needs. Because these prescriptions are specifically customized to each client in terms of ingredients, form, and even flavor, they are easy and convenient methods for administering medications to your difficult to treat furry or feathery clients.
The abundance of positives have brought much more attention to pet compounding and with that attention comes new regulations. It is important to be aware that veterinarians may soon be required to document why the compound is necessary and how it creates a clinical difference that benefits the health of the animal.
Mixlab is working to aid you in efforts against regulatory changes that seek to further restrict pharmacies and veterinarians in their freedom to compound from bulk ingredients. Like you, our ultimate goal is to keep pets feeling their best by only giving them exactly what they need to get better, while always continuing to stay within changing veterinary laws and regulations.
Because our time and efforts are only devoted to aiding veterinary practices, we are committed to helping you navigate these changing regulations. Our PCAB® accreditation demonstrates Mixlab’s commitment to superior standards of excellence in prescription compounding. In addition, we are staffed by Fellows of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists (FACVPs) and are confident we are offering you the most knowledgeable and advanced pharmacists that are able to thoroughly understand and track what is happening in the veterinarian world. These FACVPs are consistently required to complete 175 hours of training, continue their education through Mixlab University, and test at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure they stay knowledgeable and current on both new regulations and best practices. We invest so heavily in training our staff as a way to take the stress and strain off of veterinarians.
Partner with us and let Mixlab deal with the logistics while you focus on the part of this job that you love: helping the sweet animals that enter your office who rely on your expert care.