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Pet Medication Quality Assurance

pet medication quality assurance
Quality assurance (QA) is a systematic process used by many companies to prevent mistakes and ensure their products or services meet quality requirements. While different industries have unique QA standards, veterinary medicine has some of the most stringent QA measures in place - and for good reason.
Read on to learn more about how Mixlab not only meets, but actively works to exceed pet medication quality assurance standards.

Mixlab is a PCAB® Accredited compounding pharmacy!

PCAB-Gold-Seal 1
Just like with human medication, pet meds are held to a high standard and undergo rigorous testing before they can be prescribed and administered to patients. The American Veterinary Medical Association outlines many of the guidelines practices must follow for veterinary prescription drugs, but these are not the only quality assurance measures in place.
Our PCAB® accreditation demonstrates Mixlab’s commitment to superior standards of excellence in prescription compounding. Beyond compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations, Mixlab raises the bar to exceed industry standards and ensure only the highest level of purity and potency standards for your clients.
Note: Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications. From different ingredients to strength, form and flavor, we can create a medication specific to every pet’s needs to enhance the care experience.

Quality Assurance at Mixlab

Being PCAB® Accredited isn’t the only thing Mixlab does to ensure the quality of our next-day pet meds. Our robust QA program extends into every aspect of our business from our supplies to our talented staff and our labs. This further ensures that the pet medications we provide (from compounds to generic forms) are of the highest possible quality.

Purple Paw Print Pharmacists & Technicians

  • We employ veterinary-trained pharmacists who are Fellows of the AmericanCollege of Veterinary Pharmacists (FACVP).
  • We perform specialized training and regular audits for compounding pharmacists and technicians, and our team’s medication samples must pass 3rd party quality and potency tests before they begin compounding.

Purple Paw Print Suppliers

  •  We compound using USP-grade chemicals and exceed USP <795> standards.
  • We source ingredients from FDA-registered facilities.

Purple Paw Print Lab

  • Our pharmacy facilities are clear and free of contamination and use HEPA-filtered air circulation systems.
  • We agree to adhere to the PCAB® “Principles of Compounding” and have periodic third-party audits from PCAB.

What Quality Assurance Means for Your Client

When you partner with Mixlab, your clients get the peace of mind that their pet is receiving the highest quality medications on the market.
Why is Quality Assurance for pet meds important?
More precise dosing
Higher compliance
Peace of mind

More Precise Dosing

Our tolerance standards are over 3x more stringent than industry standards, resulting in more precise dosing. With this higher degree of sensitivity, we can customize medications down to the specific dosage and form (capsules, tablets, chew treats, otics, oral liquids, suspensions, transdermals and topical ointments), so you can prescribe the best therapy for your patient without limitations.

Improved Compliance

Improving pet health starts with ensuring they ingest the prescribed medication. That's why we offer over 40 different flavor options backed by our flavor guarantee! If your patient won’t take a medication because of flavor palatability, we will replace the medication with a new flavor for free as many times as it takes.
Check out our product guide to learn more about flavor and form combinations. Don’t see a flavor you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us at!
With these strict quality assurance standards in place (and next-day delivery), it’s no surprise that Mixlab has become the online pet pharmacy that even humans are jealous of.