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We’re Transforming the Prescription Process

For veterinarians and caregivers, for the better. 

Our proprietary technologies make submitting prescriptions and building treatment plans faster and easier. You remain at the center of care as we partner together to provide a better client experience overall. 

Our Pharmacy Systems


Prescribe Online Through eMix

eMix is our user-friendly online prescription platform for veterinarians and their staff. Navigate flexible workflows and save time by conveniently submitting scripts online. Through eMix, you can get price quotes, easily manage and update patient information and stay updated with real-time order tracking. 

Making the everyday more simple, so you can focus on what matters most: ensuring healthy, happy lives for pets and their parents.


Clients Checkout in Minutes

Once a prescription is submitted and confirmed, we’ll text clients a secure link to check out. From our mobile checkout, clients confirm their order, add-on any vet recommended or other wellness products, choose their delivery window and pay for their order. Our secure checkout link is integrated seamlessly with Flooffy, our proprietary pharmacy management system, as well as with Stripe to make completing and delivering orders a breeze.

Our modern, SMS based client checkout makes it easy, resulting in a 93% conversion rate. 

We Manage it All in Flooffy

Our proprietary pharmacy management system allows us to quickly and efficiently manage all aspects of the prescription medication process including process work queues, real-time inventory management, and pricing, putting valuable time back in your hands. We are also integrated with Kustomer for seamless 5-star customer service and automated communications, Easypost to ensure on-time delivery through our various shipping partners, Taxjar and Hubspot to name a few. 



Connect Your Platform to Our Pharmacy with Our Partner API

For practices, the Mixlab Partner API provides a straightforward and intuitive interface for sending prescriptions, tracking order status and requesting refills from your system directly to our pharmacy.

Send prescriptions
Cancel or confirm prescriptions
See real-time pricing and available medications catalog info
Write- back and track orders
Manage client, patient, and prescriber info

All within your own system!

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Mixlab Pharmacist on Computer

Vetspire x Mixlab

Is your practice on Vetspire? Sync real-time client, patient and prescription data between Vetspire and Mixlab.

Client and patient information from Vetspire will sync into eMix
Prescription information will sync back into Vetspire


We’re Here to Help!

We’re Here to Help!