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Four Ways Mixlab is Helping the Veterinary Workforce Crisis

Providing service and innovation to boost productivity and well-being.

Clinics and pet parents across the country are feeling the crunch of a nationwide veterinarian shortage. According to a study by Mars Veterinary Health, pet care appointments increased 6.5% in 2021, far exceeding the 2.7% annual increase of veterinarians in the U.S. And the veterinarian shortage isn’t fading anytime soon. It’s predicted that the current pace of veterinarian graduates will leave a 16% shortfall over the next decade.
Now it’s time for the good news: Innovation, technological advances, and mental-health resources offer some much-needed support to veterinary professionals.
Mixlab is proud to be a part of that support system. As a veterinarian-first pet pharmacy, Mixlab is committed to providing solutions to professionals across the country. No, we can’t clone your veterinary team. But here are four ways Mixlab is helping the veterinary workforce crisis:

1. We handle the RX side of business to free up time and reduce stress

We’ve heard it’s stressful for clinics to squeeze in RX calls and prescription management to an already busy day. That’s why as soon as you send us a prescription, we take everything from there. That includes inventory management, order fulfillment, follow-ups, refill reminders, and customer support. This frees up much-needed time for practices like yours to focus on patient care.

2. Mixlab provides systems to improve productivity and well-being

Mixlab takes the time to understand practice needs so that we can provide convenient solutions that make your lives easier. Our online platform, eMix, enables veterinarians to submit multiple scripts at once, track orders, and manage patient information. Veterinarians can also prescribe with a quick text, email, or phone call.

3. Mixlab helps improve clinic-patient relationships.

As the veterinary workforce crisis continues to stretch practices thin, there’s less time to nurture clinic-patient relationships. Pet pharmacies tend to be a reflection of the practices they service, so it’s important to choose one that can help foster these key relationships. That’s why Mixlab provides FREE next-day delivery and personalizes all care packages with easy-to-follow instructions and a toy (for extra TLC). We also follow up to check in with your clients and their furry family members. These thoughtful touches are only an extension of the great care they are already receiving from you and your team.

4. Supporting veterinarian mental health

Mixlab believes veterinarians and their teams deserve the same quality care and support they give their patients. That’s why we support Not One More Vet, an nonprofit organization that supports veterinarian mental health and wellness through peer-to-peer support, educational programming, grants and more. We also encourage pet parents to take time to thank their veterinarian, write positive reviews and show support as often as possible.
As we navigate through the veterinarian shortage, practices will continue to find ways to create efficiencies and reduce stress while providing excellent care to patients. By partnering with Mixlab, a veterinary-first pharmacy, you can feel confident that you, and your clients, are in good hands. Tap here to get started with Mixlab!