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Personalized for Animals.
Simple for Humans.
Mixed with Love.

We’re a modern, full-service veterinary pharmacy that specializes in compounded, commercial and over-the-counter medications for animals of all sizes across all 50 states. We help bring the highest level of quality and personalized care in the fastest and most joyful way possible. 


A 5-Star Pharmacy Experience Worthy of Our Best Buds

Furry, feathered, friendly or fussy, we’re here to help animals live their best and healthiest life with tailored care and fast and free delivery on all new orders.


A Pawsitive Partnership That Delivers the Best Experience, 7 Days a Week


Humans are great, but our pharmacy and staff are dedicated to serving only veterinary patients.

Tailored Care
With our custom compound medications, we can change dosage, form and flavor (40+ flavor options!)
Support 7 Days a Week
You’re not alone. Text, call, or email us 7 days a week— we’ll answer and do our best to sprinkle in a bit of sunshine.
Fast & Free Delivery
Industry-leading turnaround times and free delivery on new orders across all 50 states.
Quality Guaranteed
We have PCAB®-accredited pharmacies and utilize a third-party analytics lab for robust testing and validation.
Mixlab Lab Mixing

What Pets & Prescribers Love About Mixlab

Adam Eatroff
Adam Eatroff, DVM DACVIM

Department of Internal Medicine / Nephrology & Dialysis

ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals

"Mixlab has provided my clients with excellent service. They are honest, reliable, and prompt in delivering much needed medications to my patients. From helping with a formulation of a difficult to source compounded medication, to the delivery of a simple commercial prescription; I can always rely on Mixlab to have the proper medication in the proper formulation at my clients’ doors. The toys delivered with the medications are also a big hit!"

Loki, CA

"My beloved cat had cancer and needed some specialized medication. I was referred to Mixlab and can’t say enough good things about their pharmacists. Their personal care and human touch made a terrible time a bit better and I will never forget it."

Dr. Zay Satchu
Dr. Zay Satchu

Co-founder & Chief Veterinary Officer at Bond Veterinary Clinic

"Mixlab has been an integral part of our day to day operations. It's great to offer patients a customized product that is quick to deliver, with modern day packaging and service that pet-parents love. They offer a variety of flavoring options for picky pets and their efficiency helps us ensure that we are making pets feel better, as quickly as possible. They are a trusted partner, and our goals are aligned. When pet parents are happy, it makes our lives easier."

Olive, NYC

"I wish I could give Mixlab ten stars! Their customer service is beyond outstanding. They send a text update to let me know when they've received a prescription from the vet and then another to ask when I would like it delivered - usually the same day! The meds themselves are cleverly packaged in a box with a personal note to my dog, Olive, and a toy for her inside. I wish my prescriptions came this way! (Well, maybe minus the toy.) To top it off, Mixlab texts a few days later to see how Olive is doing. If you're not using this pharmacy for your pet's medications, you are seriously missing out."

Jessica Jensen - DVM-1
Jessica Jensen, DVM

DVM at The Vets

"At The Vets, we love solutions that make it easy for pet parents to access the best care, right from the comfort of their own home. That’s one of the reasons using Mixlab for my patients has been a breath of fresh air. They also have so many flavorings to make sure the pet likes the taste of the medication, making it easier to administer. They even include a toy in the shipping box for the pet! Mixlab makes it easy and seamless for our clients to stay on top of preventative care, which is why it’s my first choice in compounding pharmacies."

Silas, PA

"Mixlab totally exceeded my expectations!! Silas was in need of antibiotics and a few other meds and they came next morning. When I opened the box, I nearly cried because the little personal touches were so stinking cute. Thank you, Mixlab staff for ensuring Silas got what he needed, and at a fair price at that. I absolutely recommend anyone in need of pet meds to use their service because I know we will continue to do so!"

Andrea Y. Tu, DVM
Andrea Y. Tu, DVM

Medical Director at Behavior Vets NYC

Resident of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

"Mixlab is always our go-to pharmacy for so many reasons and that’s been the case for many years now. They make the ordering process so easy for my team with a simple ordering website and get our compounded or commercial medications to our clients on the day we order or the next day. Their pharmacists are very knowledgeable and keep us posted on backorders or anything we need to know. Our clients rave about Mixlab, which also makes our life easier."

Charley, WA

"I decided to give Mixlab a try after having so many issues with the my usual online pharmacy. I submitted my order and received my medication less than 24hrs later! The ordering process was so easy and their cost is very affordable. When I did receive the package it came with the cutest toy that my kitty Charley is so obsessed with. I work as a Vet nurse and will now always recommend them to my clients."

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 2.04.16 PM
Dr. Athena Gianopoulos, DVM

Mobile Veterinarian & Owner at Feathers and Fur Animal Hospital

"My clients love Mixlab’s cute packaging and fast delivery, but the real deal is the quality of formulation and quality of their customer service. As a mobile vet, it’s great that I can send in prescriptions and contact Mixlab in whatever way is most convenient for me that day and it always gets done. Customer service is 10/10. It’s so easy! I refuse to fill through any other pharmacy at this point!"

Wally, CA

"Wally is a fan of the new doggie pharmacy we are using for all of his prescriptions 😍. Mixlab even made a special peanut butter treat out of one of his prescriptions and included hand sanitizer and a personalized note with info about all of the medication 🧼💌🥜👍🏻! Wally approves of the tennis ball they included for him too 🎾🐶❤️!"

Dr Hannah Mitchell
Hannah Mitchell, MSBS, DVM, CVA

Veterinarian at Thrive Pet Healthcare

"I LOVE Mixlab! Everyone I have spoken with has been so friendly and gone above and beyond to help out. Such a wonderful company. And my clients love it too!"


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