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4 Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Veterinarian

According to AAHA, over half (52%) of pet parents are not bringing their cats in for routine or preventative care. Usually, this is due to the stress around veterinary visits for cats and their parents. Additionally, cats are often seen as independent and self-sufficient, and they are great at hiding health problems.
Cats age much faster than humans and need regular check ups to stay happy and healthy. Here are 4 tips to make taking your cat to the veterinarian that much easier.

1. Prepare the cat carrier

To help reduce stress on your cat, leave their carrier out for a few days before heading to the veterinarian to help them get accustomed to it. Place it in a place where your cat spends a lot of time to show your furry friend that the carrier isn’t scary.
To help your cat feel safe in transit, put towels or blankets over the carrier. Cats like to hide when they are scared, so covering the carrier will help give them a sense of security. Since scent is very important to cats, it can also help to put familiar blankets and toys into the carrier.

2. Use treats to create positive associations

Treats and catnip can be used as a reward or a distraction. They can help create a positive association with the experience whether that’s before going into the carrier, inside the carrier or even at the veterinarian's office. Be sure to check with your veterinarian before offering treats at the office to make sure it’s suitable for the visit.

3. Try calming supplements or anti-anxiety medication

If your cat has severe anxiety, calming supplements or prescription medication can help. At Mixlab, we carry a number of anti-anxiety products like Feliway calming spray, Vetriscience Composure Pro and more! Since cats are notorious for being hard to medicate, we can also compound medications into transdermals, flavored chews, liquids or other forms that make it easier, and less stressful, on both you and your fur baby. Be sure to ask your veterinarian about any anti-anxiety supplements or medications that may be suitable for your cat.

4. Make the medication process less stressful

Hopefully post-veterinarian visits, your cat is happy and healthy! In the cases where your cat needs medication, we’re here to help make that process easier too. Trying to force your cat to take medication is not only stressful for your cat, it’s stressful for you as well and can put a strain on your relationship. That’s where compounding comes in. We can compound medications into various forms, flavors and strengths to help create a combination that your cat will take (and maybe even enjoy!). And we ship it fast and FREE, straight to your doorstep! Have a prescription you need filled? Get started with Mixlab today!
Remember, preventative care is better than reactive care!