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6 Reasons Why People Love Next-Day Pet Meds

why people love next-day pet meds
In today’s world, next-day delivery is one of the best ways to distinguish your business from the competition. And we’re not just talking about consumer goods.
With Mixlab, veterinarians can easily prescribe the medications their patients need and guarantee next-day delivery from coast to coast (and same-day delivery in New York City and Los Angeles). But what does this mean for your clients?
Here are a few reasons why people love next-day pet meds from Mixlab.

1. Convenience

Who doesn’t love convenience? Instead of worrying about which pharmacy they need to go to (and hoping their pet’s prescription is ready), your clients will have the pet meds they need delivered right to their door.
Pet parents no longer have to leave the house to get the right meds for their furry family member, and they can focus on what matters most, providing the care their pet needs during this time.

2. Personalization

Mixlab not only specializes in next-day pet med delivery, but also provides exceptional personalization and service. Everything from generic to specialty compounded medications can be delivered to meet your client’s delivery window preference within 24 hours. But the personalization doesn’t end there. Every care package also comes with easy-to-read dosing instructions, marked syringes (if included) and a toy chosen specifically for your patient.

3. Peace of Mind

At Mixlab, we understand that having a sick pet - no matter if they have an acute or chronic illness - is stressful for your clients. Next-day pet med delivery gives pet parents the peace of mind that their furry family member will not only receive the best custom medication for their needs, but they will also have it in their hands as quickly as possible.
Your clients will love the ability to begin giving their pets the treatment they need quickly to help put them on the road to recovery.

4. Compliance

Prescribing your patients the right medication is only effective if their care plan is continued at home. Next-day pet med delivery helps to streamline the care process, effectively ensuring that your clients receive the medications and instructions they need to administer medications. A refill reminder is also always available (even without autoship) to ensure pets never go a day without his or her meds!
Easy-to-understand (and large print) instructions are included in every Mixlab care package, as are marked medications and syringes. This clear communication helps improve compliance, which leads to better health outcomes for patients that everyone can appreciate.

5. Quality

As an exclusively online pet pharmacy, veterinarians and pet parents know they are receiving the best in branded, generic and custom compounds. At Mixlab, we mix with love, making sure our next-day pet meds are always high-quality.
From performing regular audits on our wholesalers to testing ingredients with a 3rd party to ensure purity and potency standards, you, your clients and, most importantly, your patients are only receiving the highest-quality medications.

6. Affordability

With Mixlab, there are never any hidden fees. Our delivery is always fast, and FREE, so you and your clients can budget for your patient’s care without any surprises.


And as an added benefit to veterinarians, there’s no commitment to use Mixlab! There are never any contracts or a minimum commitment on orders.
Veterinarians can try Mixlab for free, so what are you waiting for? See for yourself why people love our next-day delivery and personalized care packages.

About Mixlab

Mixlab is a full-service veterinary pharmacy that offers next-day pet med delivery across the United States. Our convenient shipping and refill reminders create a one-of-a-kind experience that 21st-century pet parents have come to expect while (even more importantly) improving patient health outcomes.
We understand the importance of working alongside veterinarians to find the best solution for your practice. This includes everything from a variety of compounded medications in the flavors and forms that pets actually enjoy to better instructions to make administering pet meds at home easier than ever.
Get in touch with the team today to learn more about Mixlab and why veterinarians, pet parents and patients love our products and services.