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How Compounding Can Improve Your Pet’s Experience

how compounding can improve your pet's experience
Pets bring us comfort when we need it most, so let’s do the same for them! That’s the motivation behind why many veterinarians prescribe compounded medication to their furry, scaly, and feathery patients. Gone are the days of having to pry open the clenched jaws of your reluctant pet. They deserve a more pleasant in-home treatment process.
Here are a few ways compounding can not only improve your pet’s experience, but make it downright delightful!

Flavors are customized to your pet’s taste

Animals are experts at detecting, and avoiding, things they don’t like. Put pills in peanut butter and they spit it back out. Crush medication onto wet food and they nibble around it, or avoid it all together. With compounding, flavors can be customized to appeal to even the most picky palates.
Take, for example, when Metro Richmond Zoo asked if we could create a tangerine-flavored medication for a finicky anteater. While we had never compounded this flavor, our talented pharmacy team made it happen, and the anteater gobbled up her medication!
If your pet’s taste buds are more discerning than most, try out a few of our popular flavors, such as beef for dogs, tuna for felines and tutti-frutti for birds. Mixlab offers 40+ flavors with a flavor guarantee, so if your furry friend isn’t a fan, we’ll work with you to find the purr-fect fit for your connoisseur.

Pets get a more pleasant medication process

Whether it’s prying a cat’s mouth open for a tablet or wrangling a dog for multiple medication applications, in-home treatment can be a stressful, drawn-out experience for both the pet and parent. Compounding makes the process more pleasant by offering forms and dosages that make it easier for your best friend to comply.
Today, many medications can be administered as a transdermal gel that is topically applied to the inside of an animal’s ear flap. Many pets find the transdermal application process enjoyable, leaving them feeling relaxed, rather than stressed.
For pets who need to take multiple medications every day, compounding enables you to have them combined into one easy-to-administer dose.
A few of Mixlab’s most popular forms include transdermal gels for cats, gummies for dogs and oral suspensions for reptiles. And yes, our flavor guarantee also applies to forms! If they don’t like a certain texture, we’ll swap it for something they love for a 50% discount!

Pets feel better, faster

A more pleasant treatment experience improves compliance, which leads to pets feeling better, faster. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, compliance with pet owner administered medication is around 50% at best. When pets are uncooperative, their medication can be spilled, dropped, spit out or avoided altogether. This is especially concerning when their health relies on a specific dosage.
When pets are uncooperative, their medication can be spilled, dropped, spit out or avoided altogether. This is especially concerning when their health relies on a specific dosage.
The more your pet complies, the better their health outcome (and happiness). That’s why in addition to compounding, Mixlab also provides auto refills, text refill reminders, and order tracking. When you improve compliance, you improve your pet’s experience by helping put the pep back in their step - faster!

The pet/parent relationship is improved

When an at-home treatment plan requires you to force your fur baby to comply, or attempt to cut a pill into the correct dosage, it can have a negative impact on your experience, and relationship with your pet.
According to Saleema Lookman, RVT, CPT, “I was frustrated to tears after chasing my ailing cat around the house… It honestly occurred to me at one point that I might have to choose between having a good relationship with my pet and treating her cancer.”
Your relationship with your companion should not be compromised by a treatment plan. Compounding ensures your pet gets the correct dosage every time, in a form your pet enjoys, leaving both parties feeling better afterwards.
In addition to offering an extensive selection of compounded forms and flavors, Mixlab adds a touch of delight to the process by delivering all medication in a personalized care package that includes a toy for your buddy!

Ready to try Mixlab?

Mixlab is a veterinary-first pet med pharmacy that is committed to helping you provide the best pet treatment experience possible. We’ll work with you and your veterinarian to find the perfect compound for your furry friend, and promise to always deliver it with a dose of delight!
With Mixlab you get:
  • FREE next day delivery (Same-day delivery available in LA and NY).
  • 40+ flavors to best suit your pet’s palate with a flavor guarantee
  • Medications made-to-order
  • Easy-to-follow directions, refill reminders, and more to ensure better compliance
  • Five-star customer service
  • Personalized care packages delivered with a toy!