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5 Ways to Improve Veterinary Client Compliance

improving veterinary client compliance
Veterinarians know first-hand how the health of our furry friends extends long after his or her visit to the vet.
Client compliance in veterinary practice is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring pets receive the proper care during their lifetime. It encompasses a pet parent’s willingness to engage with your practice for everything from scheduling appointments to creating and implementing a care plan for medicine distribution at home.
Essentially, your efforts as a veterinarian are only effective in the long-term if pet parents continue with them at home. Read on to learn about a few ways you can help improve veterinary client compliance at your practice and lead to better health outcomes.

1. Understand Your Clients

The first step in improving veterinary client compliance at your practice is taking a step back to understand who your clients are. A grasp of the demographic you are serving helps you better tweak the missions and goals of your practice to help meet demand. But perhaps most importantly, you must take time to understand the pain points of your clients.
By knowing what may prohibit clients from being compliant with their pet’s plan of care, your practice can take active measures to alleviate problem areas and create positive experiences for everyone involved in the pet healthcare journey.

2. Simplify Processes

Oftentimes, the reasons your clients are not complying with your practice come down to the processes you have in place. Perhaps your system for scheduling appointments is too difficult, or maybe the way you communicate with clients is drawn out or over-complicated. This can also extend to streamlining additional processes, such as prescribing pet medications and connecting clients with external specialists.

3. Improve Communication

How many times do clients not remember to follow up with a veterinary appointment or plan of care? Visiting the vet can be a stressful time for pets and pet parents alike, meaning that sometimes your clients may not always remember what the next steps are after the appointment is over.
Luckily, this is an easy fix that can also help improve veterinary client compliance. Make sure to provide pet parents with easy-to-understand materials and resources they need after an appointment (like a standard handout or access to an online portal) to continue the plan of care when they return home.

4. Be As Proactive as Possible

And speaking of not remembering to make follow-up appointments, another way to increase compliance is by being proactive. While there may be new developments in a pet’s health over his or her lifetime, things like routine appointments or medication schedules can be easily planned ahead of time with set reminders for pet parents to follow through with.

5. Utilize Technology

The best way to improve veterinary client compliance, including the above mentioned components, is to utilize technology. From improved online client portals and automated appointment reminders to online pet pharmacies like Mixlab that make prescribing medications a breeze, today’s technology can be your best asset when it comes to improving client compliance for your practice.

How Mixlab Helps Improve Compliance

Mixlab is a full-service veterinary pharmacy that even humans are jealous of. Now, you can easily prescribe the medications your patients need online and have the peace of mind that they will be delivered to your client’s door the next day (or the same day in NYC and LA) to support increased client compliance and satisfaction. We follow up with clients two days after they receive their order via text to see how their pet is feeling and how the medication is working out for them. We also offer convenient auto shipping and refill text reminders to ensure there is no gap in treatment. All of this effectively reduces a vet’s busy workload while leading to better client experiences and patient health outcomes.
We always work alongside veterinarians to find the best solution for your practice, including a variety of compound medications in the flavors and forms that pets actually enjoy. The palatability and custom forms make it easier to administer pet medications increasing the likelihood for a pet to ingest the medication and seamlessly extend your care to your client’s home. Get in touch with the team today to learn more about Mixlab and how it helps to improve veterinary client compliance.