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Top Compounded and Commercial Pet Medications of 2022

top compounded and commercial pet medications for 2022
Where do we even begin? 2022 was a great year filled with adorable pets, loving pet parents and paw-some veterinarian partnerships. We’re so grateful to have been able to help over 35k pets and partner with over 5k veterinarians across all 50 states (and D.C.).
Thanks to the valued partnership and trust of veterinarians across the nation, we sent out hundreds of thousands of care packages filled with compounded and commercial medications - and don’t forget the cute toys too! Here are the top pet medications we dispensed in 2022.
Top 10 compounds we dispensed:
1. Methimazole
2. Prednisolone
3. Pimobendan
4. Fluoxetine
5. Metronidazole
6. Budesonide
7. Chlorambucil
8. Ursodiol
9. Amlodipine
10. Doxycycline
Top 10 commercial medications we dispensed:
1. Reconcile
2. Vetmedin
3. Clomicalm
4. Apoquel
5. Clavamox
6. Cerenia
7. Prednistab
8. Trazodone
9. Carprovet
10. Simparica Trio
We’re looking forward to serving even more pets and partnering with even more veterinarians in 2023! As a full-service pet pharmacy, we’re here for all your veterinary pharmacy needs, whether that’s a custom compound or commercial medication. Here’s an overview of what we offer.
When you partner with Mixlab, we take care of the rx side of things so you can focus on seeing patients and running your practice. With Mixlab, you get free, next-day pet med delivery nationwide, and our care packages come with everything your clients need to administer the medication including easy-to-read instructions, marked syringes and finger cots when necessary. We also take the burden off you and send automated follow ups and refill reminders so your clients can stay compliant with their at home care routine.
Looking to order these or other pet meds? Get in touch with our team today. We’d love to partner together in 2023 and beyond.