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A Very Merry Mixlab Year in Review: 2023

2023 year in review
Happy holidays from all of us at Mixlab! 2023 was an incredible year! We closed another round of funding, opened a new lab in Florida and expanded our offerings to include sterile ophthalmics, a refreshed workflow where veterinarians can recommend OTC products to their clients and so much more!
We’re so grateful for all the amazing veterinarians and pet parents we’ve worked with throughout 2023, and we’re excited about what the future holds in 2024. Thanks to the valued partnerships and trust we’ve built over the past year, we were able to achieve great things, keep many furry friends healthy and deliver lots of joy along the way.

Our Top Achievements of 2023

Here’s an overview of some of the tail-wagging successes and paw-sitively impactful milestones we celebrated in 2023.
We served almost 50,000 pet parents, partnered with 3,800 veterinary practices and shipped care packages to over 6,700 cities in all 50 states, all while maintaining an impressive 96% customer satisfaction rate and 97% practice satisfaction rate. What a year!

Top Species & Breeds of 2023

A special shout out to the creatures we love most! We delivered meds to 42 species and 1,800 breeds this year. Below is a list of the top 25 most popular breeds we worked with.
If you’re a pet parent, do you see your pal on the list?
1. Domestic Shorthair
2. Chihuahua
3. Domestic Longhair
4. Yorkie
5. Shih Tzu
6. Domestic Medium Hair
7. Maltese
8. Labrador Retriever
9. French Bulldog
10. Pomeranian
11. Siamese
12. German Shepherd
13. Dachshund
14. Golden Retriever
15. Terrier
16. Maine Coon
17. Pitbull
18. Poodle
19. Goldendoodle
20. Tabby
21. Poodle Mix
22. Pug
23. Yorkshire Terrier Mix
24. Labrador Retriever Mix
25. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Our Most Popular Medications of 2023

Here are the top 25 compounded pet medications we dispensed. Keep in mind that we dispense so much more than what’s included on this list. You can download our product guide for more information on the medications, flavors and forms that we offer.
Top Compounded Pet Meds
1. Methimazole
2. Prednisolone
3. Metronidazole
4. Fluoxetine
5. Doxycycline
6. Ursodiol
7. Amlodipine
8. Omeprazole
9. Pimobendan
10. Cisapride
11. Enrofloxacin/Ketoconazole/Triamcinolone
12. Budesonide
13. Chlorambucil
14. Theophylline
15. Maropitant
16. Furosemide
17. Clopidogrel
18. Trilostane
19. Atenolol
20. Levetiracetam
21. Benazepril HCL
22. Azithromycin
24. Spironolactone
25. Enalapril Maleate

Here’s to 2024! Choose Mixlab for Your Pet’s Prescriptions

As a full-service pet pharmacy, we’re here for all veterinary pharmacy needs — whether that’s custom compounds, commercial medications or wellness supplements. We make it easy for you to submit a script and we make it delightful for your clients to get their medication quickly.
An easy-peasy, pawsitive partnership that will send you into the new year feeling great about your new prescription solution. Get started today.