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How Mixlab Plus Helps Veterinarians Retain Revenue and Save Time

how mixlab plus helps veterinarians
It’s no secret that veterinary clinics are under tremendous pressure. With so many online retailers, pet parents have more access than ever with many clinics seeing a loss in revenue as a result. At the same time, there’s an increase in demand for care, staffing shortages and lingering COVID-19-related constraints. We often hear from practices that veterinarians are looking for ways to reduce stress, save time and make better use of resources.
That’s why we created Mixlab Plus, a free program designed to help you delight your clients, staff and bottom line. With Mixlab Plus, we handle the RX side of the business for you AND you earn revenue on every order!
Here are four reasons you should join Mixlab Plus:

1. Earn revenue on all orders

With Mixlab Plus, clinics retain revenue otherwise lost to online retailers. Since we know you’re busy, we’ll also direct deposit your revenue into your bank account. You work hard managing each patient’s care - let us help make it easier.

2. We’ll deal with the taxes

Why crunch numbers when you could be helping clients? That’s why we’ll take care of remitting the state sales tax on earned revenue.

3. Keep track of earned revenue in real-time

From your Mixlab Plus dashboard, you’ll be able to see your earnings in real-time. You can track your earnings on each order and access month-end transaction summaries.

4. Streamline inventory

Inventory is one of the largest expenses for veterinary practices, consuming up to 12-15% of total practice income. Mixlab helps offset these costs by handling inventory, fulfillment, and shipping for you.
The best part of all this is that it’s in addition to the premium Mixlab experience you know and love including:
1. FREE next-day delivery to your client’s doorstep (same-day available in NYC & LA)
2. Simplified prescribing (online, phone or email, whatever is easiest for you)
3. 5 star customer support, 7 days a week (we’ll handle customer questions, saving you even more time)
4. A delightful, personalized care package for every pet
Mixlab Plus is FREE (no hassle, no commitment) and only takes a few minutes to sign up! Start earning now