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Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays With These Safety Tips

keep your pet safe during the holidays
Happy paw-lidays! The holiday season is finally upon us. It's a time for sharing love, warmth, and joy with all of our loved ones, including our furry friends! However, amid all that festivity and cheer, it’s important to be extra alert about your pet’s safety.

Top 6 Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Many holiday traditions, decorations, and foods can be hazardous and pose a real threat to our pets' health. Here are some tips to keep your best bud safe.

1. Keep Festive Foods Out of Reach

A host of scrumptious holiday foods, like gravy, chocolate, and nuts, can be undeniably alluring to your pet. However, while great for you, they are potential hazards that are unsafe for your pet. Keep these foods out of reach and make sure your guests know that feeding your pet table scraps is off-limits, no matter how cute they may be.

2. Avoid Certain Holiday Plants

Several plants commonly used to decorate for the holidays, like poinsettias, holly and mistletoe, are dangerous when pets ingest. Lilies can cause kidney failure in cats specifically. Therefore, be mindful about the kind of plants you bring into your home. If you can’t fully avoid them, at least keep them well out of reach.

3. Avoid Exposing Your Pets to Lit Candles or Adorned Trees

Our pets are highly curious creatures which makes decorative items like exposed wires, low-hanging ornaments, or twinkling lights tempting for them to play with. A tree may even be a prime spot for cats to climb, posing a potential risk of physical harm and fire hazards. Ensure that you keep all electrical cords safely out of your pet's reach, unplug decorative lights and blow out candles when you are away from home and use pet-proof holders to stabilize your tree. If you have cats, consider leaving tinsel off your tree as well.

4. Give Your Pet’s Skin Some Extra Love

For many, the holiday season means winter is here! Just like your skin can get dry and irritated during the cold season, your pet’s skin is extra vulnerable too. The harsh elements of snow, ice, salt, and chemicals can cause dryness, itchiness, cuts, and sores, especially on their paws. One great solution to consider, and something that makes a great holiday gift too, is 100% natural paw balm. Not only does it create a barrier against salt and chemicals, but it can also help prevent ice buildup between their toes.

5. Provide a Safe Place for Your Pet

Holiday festivities can be overwhelming for some pets who may get spooked or distressed by the extra noise and excitement. Tiring them out before a large gathering and providing them with a quiet and secure place to retreat to can be helpful. Designate a relaxing space in a sheltered room with your pet's bed, toys, and water bowl so they can have a peaceful and safe retreat.

6. Talk to Your Veterinarian If Your Pet Has Anxiety

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be daunting and unsettling for your pet, leading to increased anxiety. If your pet is prone to anxiety, consult with your veterinarian on ways to keep your pet calm during the season. They may prescribe medications like Trazodone, or recommend other calming supplements to help.

Choose Mixlab for Your Pet’s Prescription Needs

While including our pets in festivities is fun and heartwarming, it’s just as important to keep them safe. If your pet struggles with anxiety or any other health conditions that may flare up during the season, talk to your veterinarian about getting prescriptions or over-the-counter supplements through Mixlab. We offer high-quality commercial and compounded medications , plus free next-day delivery on all new orders. And we know a little bit about spreading cheer, too!