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Veterinarian Mental Health Awareness and Support

vet mental health awareness and support
Have you checked in on yourself recently? May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and today, taking care of your mental health is more important than ever.
Did you know, veterinary professionals are at increased risk for suicide and depression? A study published by Merck Animal Health in 2022 indicates that specific aspects, such as staff shortages due to COVID-19, anxiety over the increased risk of contracting COVID-19, longer hours (leading to a lack in work-life balance), and euthanasia procedures, may be to blame. 88% of respondents shared that student debt and concerns about the risk of suicide were among their top mental health struggles, while 92% noted that increased stress was their biggest challenge. Sound familiar? You're not alone: each week, 91% of veterinarians polled face an ethical or moral dilemma, causing an increased amount of extreme stress. Mixlab is committed to helping.

Veterinarian Mental Health

It's an unfortunate reality that one in six vets consider suicide at some point in their careers. The high rate may be due in part to the challenges in the veterinary profession, including compassion fatigue, low earnings and student debt, and limited lifespan of pet clients. Suicide stands at the most extreme of the spectrum, but there are those who struggle with mental distress and depression as side effects of this job as well.
There are many options that offer veterinary mental health support and provide a means to treatment. Mixlab has joined the effort by becoming a sponsor of Not One More Vet (NOMV), a non-profit that promotes veterinarian mental health and wellness. Because veterinarians are devoted to doing life-saving work, it's important to prioritize their mental wellbeing.
Mixlab proudly supports NOMV's mission: to transform the status of mental wellness within the profession so veterinary professionals can survive and thrive through education, resources, and support. We support with time, resources and funds and we're happy to help spread the word about NOMV's mission through events, partnerships and more.

Veterinarian Mental Health Support

Being in a profession where so many people lean on you makes it even more essential to have people to lean on as well. Not One More Vet is an organization that is built around the use of evidence-based peer support groups (the world’s largest of its kind). NOMV provides resources like grant programs and comprehensive wellness leadership programs, as well as ongoing education on veterinary wellness and well being.
NOMV puts an emphasis on raising mental health awareness in the veterinary profession and research to reduce suicides rates of veterinary professionals. Through an online network, NOMV provides support and healing efforts to show you that you are not alone. As part of their work, NOMV is also working with veterinarians to build a support network of therapists and other mental health resources. Have someone great? You can help by submitting a resource.
Similarly, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) provides wellbeing tools and resources such as a wellbeing self-assessment quiz, a self-care planning guide, and steps to create a healthy working environment. Working to promote a healthy work culture of support and care increases productivity as well as feelings of self-worth. AVMA also gives veterinarians information about how to receive help and encourages the use of preventative measures when it comes to your mental and physical health.
Here's are some veterinarian mental health support resources:

How Pet Parents Can Offer Support

If you are a pet parent looking to support your veterinarian, Not One More Vet has resources and planned avenues of aid for you as well. Simple steps like thanking your veterinarian, scheduling your appointment as far in advance as possible, and communicating clearly about why you're bringing your pet in for care can be extremely helpful.
If you're looking to help in a bigger way, consider volunteering for or donating to NOMV, getting pet insurance, or writing positive reviews online about your clinic. As in every aspect of life, your kindness can go a long way.
Veterinarians, if you are in need of financial or emotional support, visit Not One More Vet online or call one of their crisis numbers. You can take note of your mental health by joining the NOMV community
. And remember, Mixlab values you and your work, you are never alone, and you are enough.