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The Prescription Process Just Got Easier!

Connect your platform to our pharmacy with our Partner API. 

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How It Works

Our Partner API provides a straightforward and intuitive interface for sending prescriptions, tracking statuses and requesting refills from your system directly to our pharmacy. 

Send Prescriptions
Remove the need for "double typing" prescriptions, saving your users valuable time and effort while also reducing the risk of errors. Through a secure connection, you can transmit prescription details, including prescriber information, patient information, medication details and dosage instructions, all in a standardized format.
Medication Pricing and Catalog
Our real-time catalog ensures your prescribers have the latest forms, strengths, and prices. When entering a prescription, our system automatically searches our extensive medication database to find the most accurate pricing information for the prescribed medications. You'll receive real-time price data, allowing you to provide your users with instant cost estimates.
Write-back and Order Tracking
Leverage our real-time "callback" service to track orders and always have the latest order status available in your system.
Ensure Security and Reliability
Our API implements industry-standard encryption and authentication protocols to ensure that your data remains confidential and protected. With our robust infrastructure and redundant systems, you can rely on our API to deliver fast and dependable service without any downtime.

See what Dr. Zay Satchu at
BondVet has to say: 

Dr. Zay Satchu
“Mixlab has been an integral part of our day-to-day operations. They are a trusted partner, and our goals are aligned. When pet parents are happy, it makes our lives easier."


We’re Here to Help!

We’re Here to Help!