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Custom Meds for Non-Domestic Animals. Mixed by Experts.

We offer a simple, fast, reliable and delightful prescription delivery service for large wildlife, non-domestic exotics and zoo animals. Partner with a pharmacy that not only cares about the conservation, preservation and health of your animals but the overall customer (and animal) experience as well.

A Jungle of
Prescription Options

From custom compounds to commercial meds and wellness products, we offer just about every treatment there is. Plus, you can choose the right dosage, flavor and form you need to ensure compliance and full effectiveness. 

Here’s a look at some of our most popular medication preparations and supported therapies for large wildlife and zoo animals. You can always contact us if there’s something specific you’re looking for.

Animal Management Scenarios

There are a number of reasons why your animal may need medication. Here are just a few top scenarios that we can support: 


Sedative Scenarios

Medical Exam and Treatment
Translocation and Relocation
Surgical Procedures
Behavioral Management
Population Management
Emergency Situations
Introduction to New Environments or Social Groups
Capture for Wild Population Studies

Dewormer Scenarios

Anthelmintic Rotation
Routine Preventative Care
Customized Health Protocols for Sensitive Species

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Personalized for animals. Simple for humans. Mixed with love. Join the veterinarians, wildlife officers and sanctuaries who trust Mixlab as their exotic and zoo pharmacy.