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Reasons for a Pet Specialized Pharmacy

reasons for a pet specialized pharmacy
Pharmacies are an integral part of our healthcare system, and we’re not just talking about for humans. The tens of thousands of pharmacies found across the country provide us with the quality medications needed every day. And while some pet meds can be filled at these facilities, veterinarians can benefit from partnering with a pharmacy that exclusively specializes in pet medications.
At the end of the day, pets are not humans. A veterinary-exclusive pharmacy understands this acutely and can be a true partner for veterinarians looking to provide the best quality of care to their patients and clients without sacrificing their efficiency. Like how utilizing automated systems for appointments frees up staff to focus on patients, partnering with a specialized veterinary pharmacy takes the burden off your staff, all while driving better health outcomes and improved client satisfaction.

4 Reasons to Choose a Pet Specialized Pharmacy

A veterinary-exclusive pharmacy offers a few distinct advantages for veterinarians.

1. Improved Inventory Management

Pharmacy inventory management is a critical process within the healthcare delivery system. Proper inventory management allows veterinary practices the ability to provide the most appropriate medication when needed, which in turn, improves client satisfaction and compliance.
When veterinarians partner with a veterinary-exclusive pharmacy, they have the peace of mind that the right pet medications will be available to their patients when they need them the most. This makes it easier for them to manage their own inventory and effectively reduces waste and the monetary losses caused by expired stock. Veterinarians can leverage their pharmacy partner to source backorders when they can’t find the medication anywhere else.

2. Custom Pet Medications

We don’t have to tell you that pets can make for picky patients. A pet specialized pharmacy offers custom compounded pet medications that ensure patients are given medications they will actually take. At Mixlab, we can create over 40 different flavors of pet medications that improve patient compliance like:
  • Peanut butter
  • Blueberry
  • Banana
  • Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Apple
  • And more!
We also offer a flavor guarantee, so you can replace the medication as many times as needed to find the flavor and form that your patient responds to best - all for free. This includes unique dosage forms such as:
  • Transdermal gels
  • Thermo-reversible otic gels
  • Oral powders
  • Oral pastes
  • Suppositories
  • Troches
  • Gummies
  • Chew treats
  • Chewables
  • Liquids (solutions, suspensions, etc.)
  • Capsules & tablets

3. Free Delivery to Pet Parents

As a veterinary practice, the service you provide to clients can distinguish your business and increase client satisfaction (and perhaps more importantly, retention). Oftentimes, your clients need pet medications as soon as possible so they can begin their pet’s plan of care. That’s why at Mixlab, we always offer free next-day delivery of our custom pet meds (and same-day delivery in NYC and LA). We even deliver straight to their door! It doesn’t get easier than that.

4. Customized Partnerships

A pharmacy that specializes in pet medications knows firsthand that there’s no one-size-fits-all partnership. Mixlab veterinary-exclusive pharmacy is as flexible as you need it to be for your practice!
Reach out to a sales representative to learn about our new program, Mixlab Plus, designed to help veterinarians retain revenue while offering your clients the premium services they deserve. No hassle. No commitments.
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All About Mixlab

Today, an estimated 40% of pet products are purchased online (including medication). Partnering with a home delivery veterinary pharmacy is something that you and your clients can benefit from.
Mixlab is a full-service, specialized veterinary pharmacy that offers next-day pet med delivery across the United States. Our convenient shipping and refill reminders create a one-of-a-kind experience that lightens the load for hard-working veterinarians all while effectively improving patient health outcomes.
We know the importance of working alongside veterinarians to find the best solution for your practice. This includes offering everything from a variety of compounded medications in the flavors and forms that pets actually enjoy to better instructions to make administering pet meds at home easier than ever.
Get in touch with the team today to learn more about Mixlab and why veterinarians should partner with a pet specialized pharmacy.