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4 Ways Mixlab Adds Value in the Veterinary Exam Room

4 ways mixlab adds value in the veterinary exam room
In the veterinary world, providing high quality care takes time. What if, by making a simple change to your practice, you were able to save time in the exam room, ensure your clients have a positive experience and stay current on information in the veterinary world? By partnering with Mixlab, you can. Our pet pharmacists can help you add value to your vet exam room and bolster the support your practice needs to thrive.

Mixlab saves you time.

Due to the veterinarian workforce shortage, time management is now more important than ever. When it comes to medication, customer service and efficient communication, Mixlab puts in the time so that you don't have to.
To help you save time, an important skill to master is the ability to delegate tasks. By delegating and giving your staff the opportunity to help where they can, you’re able to focus on the tasks unique to you as a doctor. By partnering with Mixlab, you can delegate more patient care tasks to your technicians and leave the medication management to us. Our friendly pharmacists are ready to answer any pet med related questions, so you have less calls to your office. That way, your staff can make the best use of their time and you’re able to maximize the hands-on time you are spending in the area of your true expertise: examining, diagnosing and treating animals in the exam room.

Mixlab offers time-saving tools and technology.

By relying on a technologically-forward pharmacy partner like Mixlab, you save time and increase efficiency. Mixlab’s eMix portal is extremely user-friendly, and makes it quick and easy for veterinarians and technicians to send in prescriptions in a few quick steps. This allows your staff to efficiently order medications and chart instructions, limiting patient wait time and enabling medications to be at your clients’ door sooner. That way, your clients can begin their at-home care routine in a more timely manner. In addition, eMix saves patient information and allows you to track order status in real time.
And if that wasn’t enough, we take care of the refill process for you as well! With our refill processing and automatic refill reminders, you’re able to cut down on administrative tasks that prevent you from serving your clients. The average patient exam with a veterinarian is 20 minutes, which means that for every 20 minutes Mixlab can save, you’re able to care for an additional pet.

Mixlab provides you and your clients with a positive experience.

Without properly stocked veterinary exam room supplies and medications, it’s tough to adequately treat your patients. But, for many practices, stocking medications, or stocking too many choices of a similar product, can not only be a headache, but more importantly, can have a negative financial impact when it comes to profitability. In fact, inventory is one of the largest expenses for veterinary practices, consuming up to 12-15% of total practice income. And there are a lot of hidden costs when it comes to inventory management as well. By partnering with Mixlab, we help offset the costs of stocking a full pharmacy by handling inventory, fulfillment, and shipping for you. We even ship our care packages with free, next-day shipping so pets can get on the road to recovery as soon as possible.
We provide a wide selection of products that can be customized to your clients’ needs. As a veterinary compounding pharmacy, Mixlab helps increase compliance, reduce stress, and provide the most accurate dosages. Compounding also allows for customizable flavors and forms, which offers a more pleasant experience for both the pet parent administering the medication and for the pet who needs to ingest it. Mixlab makes it easy and improves compliance by providing everything the pet parent needs including easy-to-read dosing instructions, syringes, finger cots and more.
Mixlab’s professional, responsive 5-star customer service provides you and your clients with an overwhelmingly positive experience. Our ability to provide tailored service gives your clients peace of mind knowing that their pets are receiving the highest quality of care in the best possible way. After all, we see ourselves as an extension of your practice.

Mixlab is committed to helping veterinarians

By being committed to superior standards of excellence in prescription compounding and beyond, Mixlab is able to help make your job easier. We seek to serve as a platform to share information concerning various happenings in the veterinarian world, such as navigate changing regulations and more.
It’s time to add more value to your exam room by partnering with Mixlab. The process is quick and easy and the positive results are plentiful. As a veterinarian, your job is to provide your expertise to the pets in your care—let Mixlab take care of the RX side of things so you can continue to thrive in and out of the exam room.